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The Christian and Gun Control

Many will not finish reading this article. Defense reaction responses will be void of civil expressions due to the volatility of the subject. Preconceived thought patterns are being defended by heated and emotional exchanges between themselves and the opponents of ak 47 pistol their misguided priorities. For those who dare to continue to read this entry, they will readily come to the point of vowing never again to read an article submitted by this author. Those who have reached this point of no return will step up their opposition to this subject in other venues.

The rhetoric expressed on the subject of Gun Control has not only been presented by those of the world, but from the Church as well. The invoking of God and His will on this volatile subject has caused even a greater divide in the Body of Christ. One does not question the integrity of either side, but it does reveal if they truly understand God’s Word.

The Believer is called to be a “peacemaker,” not a peace keeper. (Matt. 5:9) The police officers are called to keep the peace, while the Christian is called upon to bring peace. For some reason, the Believer steps over to the political arena and becomes a defender of the Constitution and the right to bear arms. Readily forgotten is the Christian duty of bearing one another in our arms of compassion. The question that must be addressed is whether God is big enough to take care of the evil intent of certain attributes within our society or does He need help from His armed followers? When one looks at this sinful world and its consequential behavior, one would think the best recourse is to arm oneself with as much fire power as possible. If the latter is true, what help do we need from God, other than praying He will guide the bullet to its target?

It is not an issue of the right to bear arms, but it is a moral and ethical issue as to the type of guns that one should possess. To hear people expound their reasons for having military fire arms would cause the average citizen to respond with laughter or disbelief. It is not the purpose of this article to expose the shallowness of human reasoning; rather it is to challenge those questing for answers to search God’s Word for understanding. The concept of “taking up the sword’ is used for “rashly usurping magisterial power instead of giving obedience and subjection to God“. (The Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge, pg. 1089) Tragically, some believers are returning to human reasoning instead of spiritual understanding. It is a philosophy of “In the rifle do I trust,” instead of “In God do I rely.” The words that are flowing from believers are filled with warnings that the government will take our guns and leave us defenseless. Yet they are silent on the role of government as explained in Romans 13: 1-7. In Jesus prayer in John 17, He prayed that God would keep them because they were in the world (v.11,) but also acknowledged they were not of the world (v.14.) The Christian is not to live in fear and trembling as evidenced by their armament, but rather in the peace the passes all understanding as evidenced by the empty cross. (Phillip. 4:7)

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